hi 🙃, here's why ...

we need change now, we need action

we need one voice, our voice

we need one movement, our movement

a network of human beans, connecting around the globe 👍 😁

... the first of many communications. we hope it inspires you to join our organisation. time to lead, yourself then 🙃


things we know, and reasons why ...

today in our world, there are countless voices all shouting for change, calling for action, demanding something different ... but change doesn't come. and things are getting worse, and we need action now!

this is our only home; and people, ALL people, need a voice. a common voice to ensure that change as we so desire it, happens now. because it is important to us.

as we think of our planet, our only home. as we think of our children and their future. and the children of our children, and into the distant future, because 


we understand that we can. and so we do! it is really, that simple.

to change government, we must become government.

across the globe, the people, all of us unite,

to end all wars - now

to bring total equality to all - regardless of gender, religious bias, or ethnic background

values and beliefs are common to all - freewill of the individual is a prime goal

to freely share all global resources will reduce waste

organic growth of society through supply based on need and purpose

education in being responsible for self, and respecting the rights of others


policies for now, and the future ...

it's easy to see why ...

here, under one "banner", individuals can run, as individuals for us all, as members of like minded groups. without any hidden agendas, just simple goals, fashioned and honed as society dictates through need and desire.

as we place the planet first, environmental actions are swift. resources directed to where they are needed to effect positive change now!

we must accomodate the needs of ourselves as we live here.

we must become caretakers of our home, for it is all we have.

the eradication of money seems strange to some, mad to others, and a light at the end of the tunnel, which we can bring into view now!

this most radical change will reduce waste on a massive scale.

it will bring stability to the sea of global migrants as we share the worlds resources without cost. all things can simply get done as they are needed.

acting as 'adults', we continue on, without 'any forms of currency'.

this brings greater equality and peace through the world.

tolerance grows, because it all works ... because we all work together now.

realising, we can, we simply control ourselves, we eliminate the need for any form of 'national government'. we are global citizens. people, simply help other people.

for details of our values and beliefs that form our policies,

see the white papers (pdf's) for download