it's time for global change. to bring true freedom and equality to all.

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fragmentation divides. a common voice is found through unity, not political parties squabbling like children;

identifying common bonds, needs and purpose. this will bring global change.

the true nature of power, is found in its ability to create permanent change, through will. 'power, to the people ...'

this IS, human evolution...

a world governed by 'individuals' - for 'individuals'

serving the community

your community needs you, just as you need your community. understanding we are a global community, is a first step towards global harmonisation. when we come together as one, united, we can meet the needs of everyone. total freedom and equality for all.

united by a common goal

the planet must come first for without it, we have no home. all we need to live, is naturally growing here already. time to begin to work with nature and become a global community. sharing all resources, to reduce waste.

candidates for a new age

through a simple framework of values and beliefs, this 'movement' aims to move traditional politics aside, and restore a way of living, that is our birthright, in keeping with the dawning of the new age. 


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